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Ground source heat pump

Bridge House – GSHP

A detached seven-bedroom house converted from oil as its primary heat source, to a ground source heat pump, providing heat to a radiator heating circuit and domestic hot water with an oil boiler backup.

Heat Different | Ground Source Heat Pump


Ground Source Heat Pump

Heat Different | Bridge House


Bridge House

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Type of Property


Ground source heat pump

Project Overview

The client, Bridge House was looking for an alternative heating option to oil, and due to the limited electricity supply available, opted for a Bi Vallent system.

Ground source heat pump


We installed 2 x 10kw Stiebel Eltron WPF ground source heat pumps, working in conjunction with an oil boiler, to provide this large property’s heating and domestic hot water requirements.

The system was connected to the existing heating system, but radiators were upgraded to give the required heat output at the lower operating temperatures of heat pumps. The heat pump manager decides when to bring each heat pump unit (depending on outside temperature), favouring the ground source heat pump units first, and using the oil boiler as a last resort in very cold conditions.

Domestic hot water heating was also provided by the heat pump and supplied to the house via a secondary hot water loop, ensuring unwanted cold water draw-off was kept to a minimum.

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Heat Different | Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Ground Source Heat Pump

A ground source heat pump is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to an oil or gas boiler.  Extracting heat from the ground or water for use in your home or commercial property for heating hot water, reducing your usage of fossil fuels. Complete our free estimate form below to find out more. 

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