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Servicing Support

Service & Support

We pride ourselves on more than just our renewable heating installations. Ongoing customer relationships are incredibly important to us, meaning whether you have a quick question, need to book a service on a renewable heating system or you require an repair, our team are on hand to support you.

Our Servicing

At Heat Different, we always ensure our customers get the best servicing possible. With our friendly team, you can rest assured your heat pump servicing will be a smooth and easy process.

  • Annual reminders.
  • Fixed price servicing.
  • Site visit from a member of our friendly team.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Function testing.
  • Electrical testing.
  • Parameter adjustment.
  • Fluid top up.
  • Professional advice on system set up and usage.
engineer working on a heat pump

Benefits of Regular Servicing

Heat pumps are a low-maintenance heating option, however, it is still important to have them serviced regularly. We always recommend regular servicing to our customers to ensure their efficiency, reliability and logetivity are at optimal standards.

  • Efficiency Optimisation: Servicing maintains peak efficiency, reducing energy bills
  • Longevity: Regular maintenance extends the heat pump’s lifespan, preventing major breakdowns
  • Warranty: Maintains the eligibility of manufacturers warranties.
  • Grant funding conditions: It is a condition of grant funding schemes that installations are regularly maintained.
  • Consistent Performance: Servicing ensures reliable heating and cooling year-round
  • Fault Detection: Early identification of issues prevents costly repairs

Support Form

Follow the steps of our simple support form to book a service or receive support with your heat pump.

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