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February 27th 2024

air source heat pump

Your Guide to an Air Source Heat Pump

As the UK temperatures continue to stay cold outside, the search for reliable warmth inside...

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October 24th 2023

warm home

How to save energy and money with a Heat Pump

Saving energy in your home is a great way to keep those precious pennies in...

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July 21st 2023

dog laying on heated floor

Why heat pumps are so energy-efficient

Everything around us contains thermal energy, or as it’s better known, heat. Heat naturally flows...

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May 22nd 2023

woman researching in home

Boiler Upgrade Scheme Extended Until 2028

The government has announced they’re extending the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) incentive until 2028 as...

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March 29th 2023

drone images of village in England

Why are Heat Pumps so expensive?

If you’re looking to swap to a more efficient heating solution, you would have likely...

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February 24th 2023

dog sleeping in chair next to radiator

Air source and Ground Source – What’s the difference?

Choosing a suitable heat pump system for your property isn’t a 2 minute job, as...

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