Renewable Heating Experts in Norfolk

At Heat Different we carry out in-house design, supply and installation of a wide array of renewable, gas and oil heating systems including Ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal.

We pride ourselves on quality installation using quality well engineered products, designed to every property’s bespoke requirement by our in house design team.

Renewable Heating Experts

Why choose us?

  • Simple, full service every step of the way.
  • Bespoke in-house design service for each project’s individual requirement.
  • Pride in every installation, so they will not only work well but look great too.
  • Survey, design and installation staff are all qualified heating and plumbing engineers, therefore, they all know exactly what is required to give you the best advice and installation possible.
Renewable Heating Engineers Norfolk
Meet the team

Alan Kelf

Before launching Heat Different, Alan was the Technical Director of a large renewable energy company, as well as being an award winning certified plumber.

Specialising in heating systems, gas boiler repair and fault finding works, gave Alan his drive to install and work on more complex systems during his early years as a heating engineer.

Alan has always been interested in improving efficiency and new technologies and this has allowed him to stay ahead of the rapidly changing renewable energy and heating sector.

Craig Forder

Craig started working with Alan as his first apprentice at the age of 16. After successfully completing his apprenticeship, Craig qualified as a plumbing and heating engineer and went on to pursue other areas of plumbing and heating.

Craig rejoined Alan in 2013, working with the design, specification and quotations of plumbing, heating and renewable heating systems.