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March 3rd 2022

Heat pumps: A step towards a greener future

It’s clear here at Heat Different that we believe heat pumps are a step towards the greener future that we are all striving for. But sometimes we forget that it may not always make sense to others, so we thought that we would explain why we think that installing heat pumps into our homes or businesses is a solution we can all take that will massively benefit ourselves and our planet. 

Heat pumps explained

Installing a heat pump into your home or business is an environmentally friendly way to heat your building. They work by extracting heat from the environment (air, ground or water) and transferring it to the desired location, which means as little electricity as possible is used. The aim is so that the owner can generate their own renewable heat whilst using a fraction of electricity.

Benefits of a heat pump

It’s true that finding the time to get a heat pump installed can be an annoyance, but doing so comes with an abundance of benefits that we know you will be thanking yourself for a few years down the line. Here we have listed some of these benefits:

Saving money

The amount of money saved will depend on the type of fuel being replaced, but whatever fuel it is, a heat pump will save you money on your heating bills. This is because they have a lower running cost, as you are also only paying for the electrical input and the renewable energy produced can be up to 4x more. A heat pump can save you a great deal of money per year, and when coupled with other renewable energy technologies they are certainly worth the investment.

Lowers carbon emissions

As they only use on average a third of the electricity compared to an electric storage heater or boiler, swapping to a heat pump can help to lower your carbon footprint. In fact, if supplied by 100% renewable energy a heat pump can up to halve your carbon footprint. Something that is becoming spoken about much more in the last couple of years, as a fundamental thing for the health of our planet.

A longer life span

As a heat pump uses a more reliable heat source they have a longer life span, they can last longer than 20 years! Which can also save money in the long run.

Less maintenance

Compared to combustion heating systems, a heat pump requires less maintenance. But it should still be maintenanced annually to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Minimum noise

Ground source heat pumps run even quieter than a regular refrigerator, so are virtually impossible to hear when running. With an air source heat pump most of the noise is just the sound of air movement.

Government Incentive

Switching to renewable energy has never been more appealing, especially now that the government has introduced a new scheme to replace the current Renewable heat incentive scheme. This scheme offers homeowners £5000 for installing an air source heat pump and £6000 for installing a ground source heat pump and starts from April 1st 2022. The aim is to help domestic consumers with replacing their older gas boilers with a more energy efficient low carbon heat pump, in the hopes that this will encourage more people to make the switch.

The installation of heat pumps in all new build homes will be mandatory from 2025, with no new homes being able to connect to a gas network from then onwards. With two different types of heat pumps to choose from, air and ground, there’s definitely a conversation to be had about how to incorporate a heat pump into your building. By replacing your boiler with a heat pump you can drastically reduce your electricity, oil and natural gas consumption which all contributes to lessening your carbon footprint. 

For expert advice and a discussion about how a heat pump in your establishment can help to work towards a greener future, then get a quote today or get in touch with us on 01603 406052 for a chat with a friendly member of our team. We will evaluate your property and determine the best location for the heat pump and which type of heat pump is best for your property and requirements.

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