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Homeowners looking to swap out their expensive oil boiler for a future proofed renewable ground source heat pump system.

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Our client came to us looking for a renewable heating option to help future proof themselves and save money in the long run. With fuel costs only rising and the unreliability of running their existing very old oil boiler, a heat pump really was the best option. 


The criteria they gave us meant that the system had to provide space heating and domestic hot water heating to the main home dwelling, as well as a separate bungalow, while also being able to heat an indoor swimming pool.

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We knew with the large heating capacity needed that a larger ground source heat pump was the ideal solution for them over an air source system. Our next step was to install a Viessmann Vitocal 300-G ground source heat pump cascade, utilising 3 heat pump units which work together to provide load based control.


The heating circuits in the properties are individually weather compensated, which means that the flow temperature is automatically adjusted to the space heating depending on the external temperature. As the heat load increases throughout the colder months, the intelligent control system decides when to enable the additional heat pumps. This gives each compressor optimum runtimes and increases the overall lifespan of the system. Overall it gives extra savings on fuel and better comfort levels within the properties.

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Ground Source Heat Pump

A ground source heat pump is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to an oil or gas boiler.  Extracting heat from the ground or water for use in your home or commercial property for heating hot water, reducing your usage of fossil fuels. Complete our free estimate form below to find out more. 

Heat Different | Case Studies
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