water source heat pump at baythorne

Project Name

Baythorne Mill


Vitocal 300-G BW 301.B17 Master (with water to water conversion kit)
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What the client wanted

What the client wanted

Our client had thought about heat pump installation and renewable energy in general for many years, but with only a general understanding of the principles. They had thought about using their fields for a ground source heat pump but living in a water mill gave them deep interest in the river and, despite many responsibilities and challenges that arose from it, have always over the 30 years they had lived in the property been interested in it as an energy source. The existing oil fired boiler was 25 years old and nearing the end of its life and the manufacturers were no longer trading, so spares were becoming harder to come by. Living in a water mill gave the client the perfect opportunity to use the water as a heat source rather than the ground.

Renewable Heating solution installed

What we installed

We installed a water source heat pump which is perfect for the water mill residence. This project was very unusual in that water source heat pump installations are relevantly rare and often not suitable for most properties as there is no water nearby to utilise. Being a water mill gave us the ideal opportunity to install this technology. Following many ideas and designs to keep the water entry as clean as possible we decided on using a back flush filter in the river and a serviceable plate heat exchanger in the rare event that debris will enter the plate exchanger it can be removed without the need for a replacement.
The client can produce 98,100 kWh per year via the heat pump, covering the full heating and domestic hot water requirement of the property. They’re saving £548 per year on their fuel bill and can expect to receive £77,000 over the 7 year term of the Renewable Heating Incentive.

The client gave us the following feedback:
“Although it took me almost 9 months to review other proposals and make a final decision, I have absolutely no doubt that choosing Heat Different was the correct decision. Apart from needing to be sure of technical competency for the project, it was extremely important to me that I chose a company that is readily accessible and with whom I could have an easy working relationship. And that’s what I got!”