Air Source Heat Pump - Brindle Drive

Project Name

Brindle Drive


Viessmann Vitocal 200-S Air Source Heat Pump
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What the client wanted

What the client wanted

Brindle Drive was looking for an alternative heating option to mains gas, and to utilise the energy available from their existing PV system.

Renewable Heating solution installed

What we installed

We installed a Viessmann Vitocal 200-S 7kw air source heat pump.

A weather compensated underfloor heating system was installed and fully controlled by the Vitotronic control unit in the heat pump. Giving this system the most advanced and comfortable temperature control available.

In addition, a Viessmann PV energy meter was installed which looks at the PV energy being generated, and enables space heating, domestic hot water heating and legionella boost functions to make the most of the free energy available.

These air source heat pumps provide domestic hot water heating and supply it to the house via a secondary hot water loop, ensuring unwanted cold water draw off was kept to a minimum.

If you’re interested in a heat pump that uses the air to provide heating and hot water to your property, then feel free to contact us with your project.