Project Name

Crow Green Farm


2 x Stiebel Eltron WPF 135kw (single phase)
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What the client wanted

What the client wanted

The client, Crow Green Farm, was looking for a heating option that would have low running costs and be able to heat their entire property.

Renewable Heating solution installed

What we installed

We installed 2 x Stiebel Eltron WPF 135 ground source heat pumps, due to Stiebel Eltron offering a two-ground source heat pump system as a solution for single phase that can be controlled. We needed to install two to generate enough energy to meet the property’s heating and hot water requirements.


We were met with the issue that there was a lack of space which is why we used a technique that requires less space than a typical ground collector. Therefore, we drilled into the ground to create two closed loop boreholes where the ground source heat pumps could be installed to provide space heating and hot water to the property, due to this, the efficiencies and performance are higher.


The costs for the client are predicted to be recovered over a 7-year payback period.