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Vitocal 200A
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What the client wanted

What the client wanted

The client was let down by their previous installer and turned to us to have the system put in place correctly. With this in mind, we needed to provide a quick response to turn the project around within the deadline provided. No small task, the turnaround for this project was a single week. We needed to install a cost-effective system to provide heat to the client’s four-bedroom renovation project.

Renewable Heating solution installed

What we installed

In January 2018, we installed the first Vitocal 200A air source heat pump to be installed in the UK. This heating system was the best solution for our client as they didn’t have enough land to install a ground source heat pump, and this allows us to supply a more affordable and quicker installation as the client had previously been let down. The Vitocal 200A provides hot water and space heating for the renovation project via under floor heating.


This will result in a 6-year payback period for the client to recover their investment.