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Gravel Farm – GSHP

A large farm house and three flats with an aim to heat all four properties through one heating system.

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Ground Source Heat Pump

Heat Different | Gravel Farm


Gravel Farm

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Project Overview

The client is property owner of a large farmhouse and three flats and was looking to reduce the running costs for these properties. The aim was to supply space heating and hot water to all four properties with one system.



To reduce the upfront cost as well as the running costs, we installed one ground source heat pump to supply renewable heating for four dwellings. To generate enough energy to heat these properties with one heat pump, we connected this to the heat main that is placed 80m underground. The system has full weather-compensated control which improves the efficiency of the heating system and can reduce costs. This occurs as the outdoor sensor detects when the heating should kick in and starts a slow process, rather than being switched on manually and causing the system to work twice as hard to warm a property quickly.

The heating system for these properties is expected to be a 9-year payback period.

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Heat Different | Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Ground Source Heat Pump

A ground source heat pump is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to an oil or gas boiler.  Extracting heat from the ground or water for use in your home or commercial property for heating hot water, reducing your usage of fossil fuels. Complete our free estimate form below to find out more. 

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