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Hunsett Mill – GSHP

The owners of a Holiday letting property, looking to repair their Solar Thermal Hot Water System and Ground Source Heat Pump leading to full replacement.

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Hunsett Mill

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Project Overview

Initially, we were contacted to carry out a repair on Hunsett Mill’s existing ground source heat pump which was installed by another company. This heat pump was poorly installed in a very tight space, meaning a repair was uneconomical. This is where our team of experts discussed with the client their options and came to the conclusion that a replacement was required.


The lettings property also had a solar thermal domestic hot water system installed. This also needed replacing by our team as it was leaking onto the roof. due to the wrong collector being installed. So, our team also replaced this for the clients down at Hunsett Mill.

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After removing the previous heat pump and tidying up the pipework within the cupboard the Viessmann Vitosol solar collector was installed on the roof of the building along with the Viessmann Vitocal 200-G ground source heat pump being installed in the property and connected to the existing ground collector. 


Next, the control unit for the solar thermal system was integrated into the heat pump controller. This means that daily yields can be viewed on one control system, and solar heating could be prioritised over the domestic hot water heating of the heat pump, all in all saving energy.


The space heating controls were then simplified and the system was connected to an internet linked app. This gives the property owners full remote control over the heating and hot water system. Which in turn can come in very handy due to the property being used for holiday lets.  This gives the owners full control as the heating can be turned on and off as required, and also alerts the client and Heat Different Support team in the event of any faults.

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A ground source heat pump is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to an oil or gas boiler.  Extracting heat from the ground or water for use in your home or commercial property for heating hot water, reducing your usage of fossil fuels. Complete our free estimate form below to find out more. 

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