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Viessmann Vitocal 300-G 13kw (three-phase)
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What the client wanted

What the client wanted

The client owns a barn renovation and was looking for a renewable heating system to provide heating for their large domestic home, with a high standard finish.

Renewable Heating solution installed

What we installed

We installed a Viessmann Vitocal 300-G 13kw ground source heat pump to meet this large property’s requirements for heating and domestic hot water.


Due to the space available, this ground source heat pump was the best option for our client. On top of this, ground source heat pumps are efficient heating systems and the key to their efficiency is the Coefficient of Performance (CoP). Our client opted for the Vitocal 300-G 13kw because of its efficiency towards heating the domestic property in correspondence with the outside temperature. The Government’s Domestic RHI scheme was another benefit to choosing this heating system, as the client would eventually recover the upfront cost through their return on investment.


The ground source heat pump was installed in February 2018 and the predicted payback period is an estimate total of £28, 0000 over seven years.