Biomass Boiler Thorpe Row Farm

Thorpe Row Farm – Biomass Boiler

A six-bedroom detached farm house converted from oil to a biomass wood pellet boiler, and now supplies heat to four radiator heating circuits and domestic hot water.

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Heat Different | Thorpe Row Farm


Thorpe Row Farm

Heat Different | Air Source Heat Pump

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Biomass Boiler Thorpe Row Farm

Project Overview

Thorpe Row Farm was looking for a renewable energy alternative to their current oil heating system. Following a site visit, it was decided that a biomass installation would be the most suitable, due to the older age of the building and heat load requirements.

Biomass Boiler Thorpe Row Farm


We installed a Viessmann Vitoligno 300-P 40kw wood pellet biomass boiler, with an internal pellet silo, enabling bulk blown delivery of pellets to an external out building. We connected this to the separate dwellings, using underground pre-insulated pipe work. The radiators in the property were replaced, following a full heat loss calculation that we carried out, thus, making the property warmer as most were undersized.

The upstairs, downstairs and annex heating was separated into three weather compensated zones. Allowing for maximum energy savings and control, as the flow temperature is automatically adjusted dependent on outside temperatures, to give out more comfortable temperature in these areas. An extra self-contained dwelling was also on site, this was also heating from the system utilising another weather compensated zone just for this property.

All the heating zones were controlled via the Viessmann Vitotronic control system, which has a direct link to the boiler control unit, giving maximum control over the burner and boiler function.

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Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are an efficient way of heating your property, especially for systems such as underfloor heating where the heat is on low for a longer duration and for radiator heating. If you are considering an air source heat pump installation of your own, contact us today using the below form.

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