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ground and water pumps example

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December 14th 2020

Ground pumps & water pumps, what’s the difference?

If you’re searching for a new heating system, you may find yourself coming to a bit of a standstill. With so many different options out there now, offering various costs and different eco packages, it can be difficult to come to an understanding of which is better suited for you. 

Ground pumps and water pumps may have a higher installation cost than your boiler or gas heating systems, however the overall lower running costs over time will save you money and offers you the potential to even earn money. Alongside this, very few emissions are used when heating your home via a heat pump, using mainly natural sources, such as air and water you’ll be leaving a greener footprint whilst heating your home. 

If you have decided to invest in a greener home and opt for a ground or water pump, you may now find yourself wondering which pump is better suited for your home?

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

Just as the name suggests, the ground source heat pump collects heat from the ground. The installation will surround your business premises or home using pipes under the ground to collect natural heat. Because of this, more exterior room is required for your new installation than it is needed for the air source heat pump.

Due to pipes being installed under the ground, the installation process can be trickier and a slightly longer process compared to the air source heat pump installation. However, each of our engineers will thoroughly audit your property, to not only confirm if the gshp is a great fit for you but to also find the best location for the installation to be fitted, both inside and outside. 

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

If you find that you don’t have enough exterior room for a GSHP, then this is the choice for you. With a simple interior installation, the air source heat pump collects air from the outside, drawing it in to it’s unique filtering system, compressing the air to then flow through the pipes within your home or business property. 

Due to the nature of our outside temperatures being far and few between, the ASHP isn’t as efficient than the GSHP and although the air source heat pump is a great eco friendly alternative, we suggest that you first already have a well insulated home, such as underfloor heating and insulation within the loft and walls. 

What you need to know for both the GSHP and ASHP

When researching you may find that the initial costs for both these pumps can be quite a substantial amount, however, when looking into the future outcome, your bills will not only be considerably less but you can also have the potential earn an partial income from your new heating system. 

To help assist with keeping our world a greener place for all, the government are keen to help and reward anyone who is willing to do this. The Green Energy Grant enables you to receive payments for generating heat through a renewable system. Having been extended until March 2022, if you were looking to have a heat pump installed you could be eligible to receive payments for a period of time.

Whatever option you choose, make sure it is an eco-friendly choice that allows us to create a greener, low carbon footprint way of life. If you have any questions regarding our installation process, or if you would like us to quote for your premises, simply call us today on 01603 406052 or email us we will be happy to go through your requirements with you.