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Power generating heating system

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March 17th 2016

Power generating heating system

The Vitovalor 300‑P is a world first, as it brings environmentally responsible fuel cell technology into detached and two-family house. This fuel cell heating appliance supplies power as well as heat. It is made up of two modules: a fuel cell and a gas condensing boiler. Together they form a single visual unit and require just 0.65 square metres of floor space for installation.

Because of efficient insulation techniques, new buildings today require far less heat than older ones. The Vitovalor 300‑P was designed specifically with that in mind. Due to an output of 1 kW, the fuel cell covers most of the heat demand. The gas condensing boiler starts automatically when more heat is required on cold days. At the same time, the Vitovalor 300‑P generates up to 15 kWh of power per day. That covers the basic needs of most households, and huge savings on electricity bills.