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What is a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)?

Although providing the same or similar benefits to an Air Source Heat Pump, the installation process of a Ground Source Heat Pump differs slightly. With pipes running under the surface, the GSHP extracts heat from the ground as opposed to sourcing it from the air.

Using the same method as the ASHP, the heat from the ground will be taken into a ground loop of refrigerant fluid and then compressed to allow for hot air to flow through the other side, heating up your radiators and underfloor heating.

The amount of heat you will receive from the ground is all dependent on the size of your property and space available, as the larger the loop the greater the heat.

What are the pros of using a Ground Source Heat Pump?
  • Although when using ground or air pumps, electricity is still required, the constant use of renewable energy makes this a great eco-friendly choice, possibly lowering your overall energy bills.
  • A second income could be available to you by installing this, by taking advantage of The Green Energy Grants.
  • Not only can it heat your home, but also your water.
  • It has a long life span with minimal maintenance required.
  • A more efficient option than the ASHP due to the stable nature of the ground’s temperature.
What are the cons of using a Ground Source Heat Pump?
  • A ground source Heat Pump is slightly tricker to install and would require a greater amount of space than the ASHP, therefore smaller properties would be more suited to an ASHP which doesn’t require as much space and little or no external space.
  • The cost is more than an ASHP due to the groundworks and ground collector pipework costs.
How long will it take for my Ground Source Heat Pump to be installed?

The time to install a GSHP will be longer than the ASHP, due to the complexity of being installed into the ground. Installing a GSHP will require a considerable amount of digging, the time will also depend on how much work is needed, depending on the size of each property. However, interior installations are much simpler and do not require much time.

What are the types of properties a GSHP is and isn't suitable for?

A medium to large property is better suited for a GSHP due to the amount of pipework needed for underground, outside. Once your property size has been determined, we can then work out how much work will be required, the time for installation and your cost.

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